Supporting the Parent Forum for the benefit of everyone at St Kentigern Academy

The Scottish Schools (Parent Involvement) Act 2006 makes provision for the involvement of parents in their children's education and in school education generally. The Act also outlines the establishment of a Parent Council made up of parents representing the views of the Parent Forum as a whole. 


Who are the Parent Forum? All parents, carers or guardians who have a child at St Kentigern Academy are members of the Parent Forum. Everyone is invited to attend meetings and all contributions are welcomed. Agendas, minutes and a copy of the constitution can be found below.


What is the Parent Council? The Parent Council represents the voice of the Parent Forum. It promotes communication, school improvement and partnership. Every parent/carer with a child at St Kentigern's Academy is a member of the Parent Forum and can ask about joining Parent Council.


What are the aims of the Parent Council? The St Kentigern's Academy Parent Council plays an active role in supporting parental involvement in the work and the life of St Kentigern Academy. Key aims for St Kentigern Academy Parent Council are: 

  • to promote close co-operation, partnership and communication between parents and school staff 
  • to support the work of the school in taking forward the School Improvement Plan.
  • to promote equality, diversity, inclusion and fairness
  • to develop and engage in activities that support the education and welfare of all students.
  • to study and discuss matters of mutual interest relating to the education and welfare of pupils
  • to identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the education and welfare of the students

The school team appreciates your continued support for this session and welcomes new members to join us. All parents/carers are welcome to attend and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings.


Who attends the meetings? The meetings are a mixture of Parent Council members, co-opted members and invited attendees such as the Head Teacher, Pupil Council representatives and staff representatives. All members of the Parent Forum are welcome to attend. Our Meetings will normally be held on a Thursday night from 5.30 till 7.00pm in the School Conference Room or online.


How can I get in touch? You can contact the Parent Council at



Parents and Carers are invited to the Parent Council Meetings in school in person or by TEAMS video conference

If you would like to attend please email for the registration link. 

Meetings for the 2023/24 School Year are scheduled as follows:

Minutes of the meetings will be approved at the next meeting.


Parent Council Meeting Info




26th October Parent Council Agenda - 26th October 2023 (PDF) [290KB] (opens new window) Parent Council Minute - 26th October 2024 (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)
7th December Parent Council Agenda - 7th December 2023 (PDF) [287KB] (opens new window) Parent Council Minute - 7th December 2023 (PDF) [238KB] (opens new window)
24th January Parent Council Agenda - 24th January 2024 (PDF) [284KB] (opens new window) 2024_01_24 Parent Council Minute inc. HT Report & Cost of School Day (PDF) [462KB] (opens new window)
21st March 2024_03_20 Parent Council Agenda - 21st March 2024 (PDF) [287KB] (opens new window) 2024_03_21 Parent Council Minute inc. HT Report (PDF) [406KB] (opens new window)
5th June 2024_05_31 Parent Council Agenda - 5th June 2024 (PDF) [286KB] (opens new window)  



Vacancies on the Parent Council are filled at the AGM. Please take this chance to get involved.


If you would like to join the Parent Council, please put your name forward by email or in person at the AGM. For more information, please contact us at