Our Vision

We aspire to provide an education of the highest quality for all young people in our school community in order that they may achieve their fullest potential academically, personally and spiritually.


Our Values

We strive to develop as a community of faith and learning through the promotion of the following core values:

We provide a Christian atmosphere of faith, hope and love within which our students can develop their full potential

We recognise and celebrate achievement

We strive for equality and inclusiveness in all our courses and opportunities offered to our young people

We value dedication and commitment

We believe it is the right and responsibility of everyone to ensure a safe, nurturing community for all

We show respect to all members of the school community - we treat others as we would like to be treated

All members are encouraged to demonstrate compassion and forgiveness

We try to be the best we can at all times


Mission Statement

At St. Kentigern's Academy we are working together to:

provide a welcoming, safe and caring environment in which every member of the school community is valued and supported.

foster a Christian community in which members demonstrate their Christian values through example, faith, love, mutual respect, justice and equality.

develop in all students a strong sense of responsibility for their own learning and personal development whilst equipping them with skills and attitudes that provide a foundation for the world of work and for lifelong learning.

support and develop all staff personally and professionally to enable them to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning.

encourage the involvement of parents/carers in all aspects of their child's education.

We will do this by:

providing a broad and balanced curriculum that provides young people with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences so that they enjoy their education and become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens.

promoting and recognising achievement and excellence.

providing effective support systems for all our learners, involving parents, external agencies and the wider community.


How these values were developed:

A number of core values were selected through consultation with students, parents and staff.  Student focus groups then developed an acrostic poem using the Core Values (see poster - above). S2 students then used this as the basis for a poster competition in Art and Design. Anay Pollard and Megan Anderson were joint winners of the competition. 

Both girls then worked closely with Mr Johnstone to combine elements of each of their designs, creating the poster on the right. This design is now being developed into a 'pop-up' poster display by a local business Scotsigns. These 'pop-ups' will be placed in key areas around the school. 

The Values Team have also created short video clips on each of the core values. These are being used at morning assemblies and in registration classes to raise awareness, promote discussion and challenge all within the school community to make these values visible in their day to day relationships within the school community. We hope to post these on Twitter in the very near future.  

We would strongly encourage all parents and carers to engage your young people in conversations about the importance of these core values in creating a caring community of faith and learning in which all young people can feel safe and valued and can achieve to their fullest potential.